Have a question? We get that a lot, so we compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you to browse through!

If your question isn't on here, please hop into our Discord server and ask it to us in the questions channel!

We’re sorry you’re running into an issue! You can submit a bug report over on this support page.

We are currently not taking ban appeals at this time. Check back later!

We sadly don’t offer internships or job shadowing, as everything we do is under strict NDA, and we don’t have the resources to onboard people in this manner. Also, if you are remotely thinking you would be down to do work for us for free, please value yourself and your work! We will never allow someone to work for us for free, no ifs, buts, or whats.

Nope! Makeship plushies are SUPER limited edition. We’re always looking to make new ones though, so keep checking our socials for news when we have it!

Maybe! We’re constantly working on targeting new platforms, so the platform of your choice isn’t off the table. However, there’s only so much we can do as a small company, so please have patience!

We’re currently not looking for additional help with translations at this time! Thank you for your interest, but we’re already working with some wonderful partners on translating our games to every language we can!

It’s alright, this happens to the best of us! While on the main menu, hold down the F12 key to reset your keybinds to default! (Make sure you’re on v1.1.2 or higher!)

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is about 2-5 hours long depending on how fast you play games/can figure out puzzles!

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