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PAX East 2023 Wrap-up! ✈️

March 31st, 2023 at 10:00 am EDT

Holy shit, we just showcased Turnip Boy Robs a Bank at PAX East 2023! And the build didn’t break! Woah!!!

We wanted to write up a post to highlight all the cool stuff that happened, and to give some insight as to what it’s like to showcase at a convention as big as PAX! We’ve showcased in the past, but this was our BIGGEST presence yet, and it was pretty surreal!

We hope you enjoy this little recap! 🙂


Someone playing our demo and Carson standing next to the 6ft tall Turnip Boy banner!

Our first priority was to bring snacks, which we brought in excess. However, looking at the booth, we felt that it needed more of that spicy, yummy, scrummy Snoozy flavor. So, we decided to stay up that night and create new art to print overnight at Staples the next day. In typical Snoozy fashion, we stayed up until 2am, used Comic Sans on our posters, and Yukon got so tired that he kept saying “Among Us, Among Us, Among Us” for the last hour, while I finished drawing a 6ft tall Turnip Boy. It was all worth it though, because we were able to bring back “make your own turnips” and visitors got to see how they compared to a 6ft tall Turnip Boy replica.

The Turnip Boy Robs a Bank Pinny Arcade Pin!

Also, this was the first year we got Pinny Arcade Pins! It wasn’t too hard to create because I used the Turnip Boy Robs a Bank logo to make it, but it was still a cool challenge making the art usable as a pin!

Turnip takeover!!!

The turnip wall!

For years, we have had a tradition of letting people create their own turnips to display on our turnip wall! It’s always been a lot of fun seeing what people come up with, and it’s really sweet to talk and engage with fans while they doodle. This year, the turnip wall was filled quite nicely, and there were some gems that were made. Some of the turnips capture the true spirit of Turnip Boy, while others will haunt our nightmares… All turnips are welcome on the turnip wall.

Meeting folks

Us meeting a TON of people!

For most of us at PAX, the highlight is always meeting fans of our games in person! It reminds us of why we do what we do! It was great to hear from people who had played Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, as well as to get their reactions to Turnip Boy Robs a Bank! We received a lot of great feedback, and we’re excited to continue iterating on the game. We also got to chat with many cool indie developers and exhibitors! You could tell everyone was excited to be back in-person.

The raffle

Our insane raffle!

We ended up raffling away our PC set ups at PAX this year. It would have been pricey to ship it all back. When the time of the raffle came up, we were genuinely shocked to see that we had filled our allotted space for the raffle! We were glad that we were able to give some tech to the gamers. We want to thank the enforcers for all their help organizing the raffle, because without them it would have been a shitshow.

Chef Boyardee

The two coolest people on the team with their refined palates.

At PAX East 2020, our former marketing expert Jordan Kegler started a glorious tradition: eating cold Chef Boyardee on the show floor. This was more of a necessity that year, as we had bought so much Chef Boyardee and the hotel didn’t have a microwave. However, our palates now yearn for the taste of cold (technically lukewarm) Chef Boyardee, so we decided to feast on the show floor. Only Yukon and I participated, as the rest of the team thought it was disgusting. Heathens.

Wrapping up

Us being absolutely exhausted!

We laughed, we cried, and we cracked open a cold Chef Boyardee with the boys, girls, and theys. Per usual, going to PAX was an absolute blast! We had a lot of fun meeting the team (most of us are work from home), all the gamers, and showcasing our silly little turnip game! We wanted to throw out a massive thank you to the entire Snoozy Kazoo team for all their amazing work, as well as Graffiti Games (Shoutouts to Andy & Michael!) for having us at their booth and being an important part in making this go smoothly. We can’t wait to hopefully do it again sometime soon! :)

The team! (plus Graffiti Games peeps and the Creature Keeper developer)

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