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Super Animal Royale x Turnip Boy Robs a Bank 🦊

September 26th, 2023 at 10:00 am EDT

The event has ended! You can still get the cosmetics in Cackling Carl's Cart, as well as the Super Apple Cat through the Research Lab!

Turnip Boy’s crimes have transcended dimensions! After being sucked into a wormhole, our tax-evading, god-killing, cute little beast of a turnip has found himself in the Super Animal World!

We have partnered with the wonderful folks at Pixile Studios for a chaotic two-week crossover event! In Super Animal Royale, you can complete 6 challenges to earn Turnip Boy-themed items. Ever wanted to tear up wanted posters in a battle royale? This is your chance! Additionally, you will now be able to unlock a Super Apple Cat. Crancran would be proud! uwu

The Turnip Boy Robs a Bank event in Super Animal Royale!

Uh… we don’t know what to say about Turnip Boy’s vandalism in the Welcome Center fountain… he’s just a chaotic little guy! He’s just expressing himself, okay? It’s a phase. Everything is fine… especially when you get to listen to a new Veggieville remix composed by Jake Butineau (another Jake!) over at Pixile Studios while you take in the carnage! How can anything be wrong when you’re listening to such a bop?

We can’t reveal too much, but we’ve definitely seen a few super animals in our game since the wormhole opened… when Turnip Boy Robs a Bank is released, you all will have to keep an eye out!

We are extremely honored to be Super Animal Royale’s first-ever collaboration project! It has been incredibly fun working with them, and we can’t wait to see everyone dropping in with Turnip Boy umbrellas! See you in the trenches!

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