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Meet the Team: Jen 🐛

January 31st, 2024 at 02:00 pm EST

To celebrate the launch of Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, we’ve decided to interview each team member! You can now feel like you REALLY know these people from these vague questions and our beautiful cycle of para-social relationships can continue! All kidding aside, the game wouldn’t be what it is without everyone on the team. We will be posting these every so often to give a little love to those that make snoozy games what they are!

Describe what you do on the team!

I am the Creative Director! I also worked on a good chunk of writing and art.

What was your favorite part of development?

Collaborating with the team and creating a story that was as wild as the first game was a ton of fun! Some of my favorite parts of game development are working with highly skilled individuals who are passionate about what they do. I love seeing what we can come up with!

What was the most challenging part of development?

Hmmm… I think scope is always the hardest part for me! Trying to get everything we want in the game while keeping in mind time constraints and resources is always a tough balance to strike. It took a bit for us to really nail down Turnip Boy Robs a Bank.

What’s your favorite food?

Sushi sushi sushi!

What’s your favorite game?

Madness Returns! My nostalgia pick is My Sims for the Wii.

What bop are you listening to right now?

recently, Liana Flores

Do you have any pets?

Yes! Two beautiful pups! Their names are Salem and Ellie. Ones a German Shepherd and the other is a Pit bull mix.

Who’s your favorite Turnip Boy character and why?

My favorite character is probably Old Man Lemon! I don’t know why exactly… I think the fact that in the first game he was an inconspicuous old man and then later a hitman was always funny and silly to me. I also just love his design. It’s a good depiction of how I feel on a daily basis. My knees hurt when I get up now, growing up is WEIRD.

Ravioli or Pierogi?


Where can people find your stuff?

Follow me on instagram!

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