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Meet the Team: Pearl 🍤

March 6th, 2024 at 02:00 pm EST

To celebrate the launch of Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, we’ve decided to interview each team member! You can now feel like you REALLY know these people from these vague questions and our beautiful cycle of para-social relationships can continue! All kidding aside, the game wouldn’t be what it is without everyone on the team. This is our last meet the team post for the TBRAB team! Join the Discord if you’re looking for updates on our future projects!

Describe what you do on the team!

I make art in whichever form that may be

What was your favorite part of development?

When I was brought on I was tasked with some spritework for the Cryptic Crypt. I love the whole ‘creepy theming’ so I had a lot of fun making assets for that area. But more than anything I just love working together with everyone and seeing the project evolve as a whole.

What was the most challenging part of development?

The final boss was easily the most difficult thing I worked on. We had all these little pieces that needed to animate smoothly and look cohesive, so it got pretty tricky at times. Thankfully, Carson was there to help me and we powered through. It was a very complex design and he did a fantastic job on the coding end.

What’s your favorite food?


What’s your favorite game?

Nier Automata, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Kid Icarus Uprising, Fire emblem Awakening, and probably like 10 more lol

What bop are you listening to right now?

really anything by Björk or SPELLLING

Do you have any pets?

Yes!!! I have a lovely beagle-terrier mix named Gilda. I would give her my soul LMAO

Who’s your favorite Turnip Boy character and why?

I like Stonkle because he is a walking tragedy, but also I’m obligated to say the Pierogi guy because it is the superior food (not to mention the sprite is so silly).

Ravioli or Pierogi?


Where can people find your stuff?

You can find some of my art on my Newgrounds page!

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